Lotus Wisdom Acupuncture Philosophy

Lotus is a beautiful flower that has inner wisdom which inspired many poets, artists and above all, healers. Its gentle grace, strength, purity, as well as healing properties represent the miracles of health and life.

Those who saw blossoming lotus flowers once will carry the image throughout their lives. During my acupuncture training trip to China, like many other people, I was captured by the beauty and healing wisdom of the Lotus.

Upon my return, the Lotus image that I was carrying in my mind transformed into a clinic- Lotus Wisdom Acupuncture. My intention is to draw from the legends and healing powers surrounding the flower and lead a centre for traditional Chinese medicine.

Lotus seed grows through murky waters to the light and develops pink or white clear blossoms of breathtaking beauty. Lotuses strive for clarity: I intend to always keep my healing intention clear.

All parts of the Lotus are edible, as they all have healing properties. I learned to pay attention to detail and consider everything my patients have to tell me for effective diagnosing and better treatment outcomes.

According to Chinese poets, moonlight, wind and dew protect a Lotus flower. It made me think about the importance of preventative medicine. According to Chinese medicine, it is easier to keep your body in good health and balance at all times, not allowing a disease to develop.

The Lotus flower plant is very hard to break. Despite its seeming fragility, it is very strong. Likewise, if my healing intention is strong and works together with my patient’s intention towards creating health, we will both work towards the same goal and emerge victorious.

Finally, standing in a Lotus flower garden and taking a moment to myself helped me realize the importance of stopping to enjoy the beauty of creation. Taking time to reflect upon a day and thinking about it in a positive way rebalances the energy of a person, creates a healthy flow of energy in the body and helps us face the new day with a smile…