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What is Theta Healing?

An energy healing method developed 15 years ago by Vianna Stibal, which uses the theta brain wave to achieve a deep state of relaxation and to change matter on the physical level (i.e. heal). Working in the theta brain wave allows you to tap into the Highest Consciousness of the Universe (The Creator) and co-create on deep energetic levels. By this we mean replacing negative emotions and beliefs with positive ones along with physical body healing. A person starts feeling better or might be instantaneously healed, becomes much happier, allowing his life to evolve in a more positive manner.

Theta healing techniques are simple. Anyone can learn and use them on daily basis for their own benefit. The only prerequisite is that you need to believe in the Creator of All That Is. However, even if you do not believe in the Creator, the course can still be useful to you, because there will be a lot of scientific research presented about the Creative Force behind the creation of the Universe.

The Theta Healing Course is a fascinating journey of self discovery and will expand your beliefs.

Theta Healing practitioner courses available

  1. Theta Healing Basic DNA (available to anyone interested) - 3 complete days
  2. Theta Healing Advanced DNA (Theta Healing Basic is a prerequisite) - 3 complete days
  3. Manifesting and Abundance (Theta Healing Basic and Advanced are prerequisites) - 2 days
  4. Intuitive Anatomy (Theta Healing Basic and Advanced are prerequisites) - 15 days
  5. Rhythm to Perfect Weight (Theta Healing Basic and Advanced are prerequisites) - 1 day
  6. Soul mate Seminar (Theta Healing Basic and Advanced are prerequisites) - 1 or 2 days
  7. Game of Life (Theta Healing Basic and Advanced are prerequisites) - 3 days
  8. DNA 3 (Theta Healing Basic, Advanced and Intuitive Anatomy are prerequisites) - 5 days
Theta Healing Basic DNA course

Theta Healing Basic DNA

Basic Theta Healing ® Course Description

Duration: 15 hours of instruction time (3 days)

Includes: Tea, coffee, snacks

Materials: Manual, Theta Healing Basic DNA book, in-class power point presentation, videos

Cost: $500, includes down payment of $100 payable to Full Circle Clinic in advance, registration starts at 4:30 pm on July 10

Prerequisites: None, available to everyone willing to explore your possibilities

Outcome: Basic DNA Practitioner Certificate, your name will be added to the database of Certified Theta Healing practitioners. This course is a prerequisite for many other courses should you be interested in continuing this journey

What will you learn during the course?

  • What energy is and the rules of the Universe creation
  • About different brain waves and their importance in the healing process
  • How to achieve and sustain the theta brain wave to be able to connect directly to the Creative Source
  • How to muscle test yourself and other people for subconscious beliefs and to be able to identify and replace negative beliefs with positive ones on four belief levels and in your DNA or that of a patient
  • How to heal while sustaining your own energy at the highest level
  • About seven planes of existence and how everything in the Universe is connected
  • About the holographic model of the Universe and our possible role in it
  • How to intuitively scan your body and view various diseases
  • How to do past, present and future readings for yourself and other people
  • How to heal somebody from a distance
  • How to speak with guardian angels and guides
  • How to change your DNA activating your youth and vitality chromosome
  • How to heal instantly, especially in acute cases and how to approach healing someone with a chronic disease
  • How to feel happier and more relaxed on deeper levels
  • How to approach the healing of many physical diseases of immediate interest to you
  • How to deal with losing weight, financial issues, relationship issues, depression using a theta healing technique
  • How to experience the Unconditional Love of the Creator

What will you be able to do?

Hands-on experience and exercises:

  • Muscle testing and Belief work, finding a core belief, replacing negative beliefs with positive
  • Scanning your body for physical ailments
  • Instant healing of acute ailments
  • Group healing
  • Past, present and future psychic readings
  • Activating your DNA
  • Spirit guides and angel communication
  • Releasing soul fragments, wayward and foreign implants
  • Manifesting and abundance exercise
  • Expanding your energy field through meditation
  • Finding true friends, soul mates and soul families