New "Learning Me And A Foreign Language" - a unique 3-day program for fast and effective learning foreign languages through DNA activation developed and taught by Inna Van Der Velden.

Theta Healing practitioner courses available

  1. Theta Healing Basic DNA (available to anyone interested) - 3 complete days
  2. Theta Healing Advanced DNA (Theta Healing Basic is a prerequisite) - 3 complete days
  3. Manifesting and Abundance (Theta Healing Basic and Advanced are prerequisites) - 2 days
  4. Intuitive Anatomy (Theta Healing Basic and Advanced are prerequisites) - 15 days
  5. Rhythm to Perfect Weight (Theta Healing Basic and Advanced are prerequisites) - 1 day
  6. Soul mate Seminar (Theta Healing Basic and Advanced are prerequisites) - 1 or 2 days
  7. Game of Life (Theta Healing Basic and Advanced are prerequisites) - 3 days
  8. DNA 3 (Theta Healing Basic, Advanced and Intuitive Anatomy are prerequisites) - 5 days

Self-Healing Workshops available to anyone interested

  • Stress Release- gentle massage of those points on your body where stress accumulates

  • Insomnia relief – ways to sleep well

  • Cold and Flu- heal a sore throat in 20 minutes

  • Headaches – alleviated in minutes using bi-energy healing method and accupressure

  • Asthma, Hay Fever - what can be done between acute episodes to minimize them

  • Extra weight – it is not only about what you eat and exercise, ways to lose weight with self-massage

  • Releasing Shoulder and Neck pain

  • Lumbar pain and knees are connected to the energy of Kidneys, ways to strengthen your spine

  • PMS – connected to the emotional issues, self massage eliminates the symptoms

  • Facial revitalization, looking younger without botox

  • Digestive disturbances- can be improved by massaging points on your legs and eating cooked root vegetables

  • Fatigue (including ME) and ways to energize you body

Also, other workshops and courses available from “Lotus Wisdom Acupuncture”:

  1. Reiki 1 course (1 day)- focus on self-healing with the “life force energy”

  2. Reiki 2 course (1 day)- becoming a Reiki Healer

  3. Reiki Master/Teacher course- (2 day course) – take Reiki healing to a Master level

  4. Unveiling your spiritual power (1 day workshop)- for everyone who would like to experiment with how intuition works - very practical and relaxing

  5. Intuitive chakras (energy centres) healing- foundation (1 day workshop)- a practical workshop that introduces the main body energy centres that can be balanced with the “focused thought technique”, thus eliminating symptoms of specific health issues

  6. Bi-Aura Therapy Course (a 10 month diploma course)